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We are a full service tree company offering all things tree for your home or commercial property.

Emergency Storm Services

For hardwood trees, such as oak, maple, birch and ash, a three-second gust of 74 mph will break large branches, a 91 mph will uproot trees, and a 110 mph will snap tree trunks. For softwood trees such as pine, spruce, fir and hemlock, a three-second gust of 75 mph will break large branches, 87 mph will uproot trees, and 104 mph will snap tree trunks. 

Beard’s Tree Service provides 24-Hour Emergency Tree Service! In the event that a storm takes place and you have a tree hazard or storm damage cleanup, Beard’s Tree Service specializes in emergency storm damage relief. Wake up to storm damage? We are here for you. Call us today to take your worries away!

With years of experience in providing emergency tree service, we have the resources and expertise to handle any type of tree removal. If a large tree is on your structure (home, car, etc.), contact us to have it removed.

Storm damage can wreck havoc on your property at any time of year, regardless of what region you live in. Whether you are in the midst of a rain storm, hail storm or even a tropical storm, it only takes a single tree to completely damage a yard. Rapid-growing trees are particularly susceptible to storm damage. As homeowners you should be aware of these characteristics and avoid planting such species close to buildings, utility lines, etc. where potential damage could occur. If such trees are already growing in these locations, some preventive practices, such as pruning and bracing, or cabling, may help reduce the potential of storm damage. This is true as the tree grows in size and the weight and surface of the leaf and branch area increases.

Beard’s Tree Service has an experienced staff, along with arborists who will be at your property and assess the storm damage quickly and safely. We will then develop a plan of action for your particular situation.

We realize when a storm hits and you need an expert evaluation pertaining to damage from the storm itself, you will need a professional immediately. This is where our certified arborists will be there for immediate assistance. They are called the ‘Tree Doctors’ due to the fact they understand what needs to be done to nurture the trees back to a healthy status.

They will efficiently figure the entirety of the project, work with whoever is the designated contact person, a FEMA or other agency, in order to complete the project in a timely manner. We understand what it takes for the entire collection of storm debris. We also understand the standard processes to make sure all the work is completed as efficiently as possible.

Our arborists have a well-trained team of professional climbers and operators that will assist in the storm project. This team will committed to do whatever is necessary to save trees and protect all properties after a huge storm. Our successful track record over the past decades with our storm response and municipal projects have earned us our great reputation as one of the best emergency storm service providers.


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Tree Service in Raleigh | Tree Service Raleigh North Carolina
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